What’s My Niche?

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Most of the time, I feel motivated to write. Sometimes, the thought of writing doesn’t thrill me in the least. I created this blog to have some sort of outlet for those everyday, in between topics I want to write about and share.

This blog has been about life in general, but with something so vague and broad, I find it tough to know what to write about. I find it tough to muster up the energy to pour into a piece of writing.

A lot of things I do write about stays as a draft because honestly, I may as well make it an Instagram post or a tweet since it’s about something of only a passing interest. Where’s the meat in it? Where’s the meaning?

I would say the majority of blogs are basically public diaries. There’s nothing wrong with that but if one is wanting to build an audience, I don’t think talking at people about mundane things is a way to do it. (Which is what I feel I do.)

I often build a personal post around a period of my life to say, hey this is what I went through, maybe you can identify with it. Yet, I don’t invite the reader to interact with my words. I’m not asking questions. I’m not offering much advice.

Blog writers who gain a large audience are writing about a certain topic. They may have personal stories to share but they largely address a wider problem which affects thousands or millions of people. They are interactive. They ask questions and/or provide answers. They write in a way which makes the post about others and not only about themselves.

I have brainstormed over topics that interests me. Topics that I have direct experience with, I’ve read about, and researched. Topics I theorize and of course, write about.

The obstacle is, what do I focus on? I have a variety of topics and not all of them line up with one another. My experience and/or interests are childhood development, child abuse, psychology, boundaries, toxic relationships, divorce, relationships, education, social issues, mental and personality disorders, therapy, minimalism, stoicism, anthropology, evolution, early human history, general history, road trips/travel, poverty, writing, and even down to pop culture. Phew!

So, how do I find a cohesive theme among all that debris? How do I unite this blog and make it something people will find value in? I don’t want to only talk at people but I want to foster communication. What is a great need among society? What suggestions can I offer to fulfill that need? Out of those interests listed above, which is most imperative I need to write about?

My next task to tackle (concerning this blog) is figuring out what I want to write about the most. What topic of interest am I more likely to stick with, focus on, and thereby create a niche and build an audience of engaged readers?

Readers, have you had this dilemma before? If you have a blog, what’s your main objective when you sit down and write?



5 thoughts on “What’s My Niche?

  1. Hi Kristin, purposely I didn’t look at your blog because I want to reply only on what you wrote here (in fact I never have seen your blog, this post came passing by and I’m just answering your question 😊)
    I recognise, like you, that many posts or blogs are, I did this, I did that, what happened to me is, I feel so depressed/happy/passionate/insert something. Maybe I did the same too once, don’t know.
    I think it’s good to think about what kind of blog you want to have or how you’d like to have it. From my experience, blogging, or my blog, is an ongoing process (Www.konnexxion.net that is). It started as me needing to write off emotions and I did that by aggressively writing about the news giving my opinion about it. Then I added some important experiences (my African stories or malaria story). That’s for me to keep, my memories, things I don’t want to forget and that I gladly share. At some point I wrote oneliners but I stopped that as it got a negative connotation which I didn’t want. Later I ignored the blog and recently I picked it up again and put things in an old stuff category and simplified it and added a category of what I’m studying about (as I get questions what it exactly is I’m learning). Now I do give still opinions on the news but mainly to keep memories. I write it for anyone who’s interested in that topic through tagging and to my subscribers, mainly family who live 10.000 km away. With blogging I’m in control, can write longer in a higher quality than a Facebook or social media post ever can be. So, my blog is personal. It seems that you have many interests, which of course is fine, it seemed that your interests are more suitable for a more professional blog rather than personal. And I also think it is okay to free flow any personal blog as that will give its own signature, your signature, and there always will be people who like that and will follow you because of that. Did I answer your question?

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  2. Of course you’ll know what you want to say if you’re dealing with something in the moment. It requires focus, though.

    I’ve been dealing with boundary issues, so I could suggest starting with boundaries and a solid sense of self— which ties into focus, ADHD… or maybe I don’t know what I’m saying because I may not have a very solid sense of direction or clear grasp on terminology. 😁

    Anyway, it’s your blog. What interests you, what’s important— cover what you know and worry about editing afterward.

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