Winter Will End—I Promise

Let us remember that it is still winter but I promise, it will end. The first day of spring is March 20th. The Northern Hemisphere has been far away from the sun for months now. It’ll take us a little while to warm back up as we tilt towards the sun again.

I grew up in southeast Kentucky along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where we had impressive snow storms. Due to the towering mountains, winters were mostly dark and frigid. I’ve dealt with little snow but a lot of ice since I’ve lived in Nashville. The few years I spent in Clarksville, we seemed to catch the brunt of any winter weather.

In other parts of America this winter, people have received relentless snow and ice. I understand that a typical seasonal weather does become overwhelming from feet of snow, power outages, empty town squares. Sure people can’t work and make money and local economies suffer but winter is temporary.

Many people tend to get angry and upset about weather especially winter weather. I find myself complaining here and there but winter really is a wonderful season. Winter forces us to slow down, reflect on what is up ahead; makes us yearn and hope for spring. Winter can be depressing for me but it also causes me to turn inward. I don’t feel obligated (pressured) to go outside and stay active until it’s time for bed. Instead, I sit at my desk inside my room and write, dreaming of green leaves and colorful flowers.

In Nashville, we haven’t exactly had mountains of snow, battered by ice and collapsing roofs but this winter has been a harsh one. Frigid temperatures and constant overcast days. I don’t remember a winter that has been so bleak. I’ve tried to stay mindful of the experience.

I am still alive, in a warm home and food to eat. So many don’t have that. I’m using this lull to work on my patience and to cultivate gratitude and practice contentment. I want to savor those lulls and drags; those ticking clocks and quiet, dark days. The lingering tail end of the season is always a struggle. It is tough to have hope that something better is right around the bend.

Though, people asking if the winter will ever end amuses me. Of course, winter will end! It always does. We have a myriad of records and empirical data to prove it. I promise this will not be the first year ever where it won’t.

Like always, the sun will shine, our world will be renewed, brimming with greenery and life. There will be heat and we can shed our layers of clothing. Life will demand we go outside and participate. There will be gardening, mowing, parties, and get-togethers. Summer demands our energy. Summer buzzes with beats and hums that we can’t drown out. Everyone is out milling about, soaking up the rays.

This is why I’m thankful for the cold. I’m thankful for the relentless winter winds and ice and snow that make us stay indoors. The type of winter weather that causes us to stay off treacherous roads and stay bundled up.

So let us rest up for now because before you know it, summer will be here and we’ll be constantly on-the-go and complaining about how unbearably hot it is.