Technology is Ruining My Posture

In the last few years, I have opted to not sit at a desk while I’m on my laptop. The conventional computer desk/chair setup causes this uncomfortable ball of tension in my trapezius muscle. Instead, I sit on the couch, a comfy chair or on my bed. But often times I have a bad habit of contorting my body into something very awkward.


dinosaur laptop


My neck is at a downward slant, arms are bowed upwards and my back becomes a turtle’s shell. I’m pretty sure I’m giving myself osteoporosis as we speak.

It’s even worse with my iPhone. Standing or sitting, my body ends up in the same stance.


dinosaur on phone young


I’m afraid I’m going to look like this when I’m old:


dinosaur old


Maybe sooner.

I may even devolve into something truly frightening.




So remember kids, practice healthier postures and maybe take a break from that smartphone, tablet or whatever piece of technology you have that is warping your spine.

Or we’re all going to usher in a new age of dinosaurs.